Who We Are

Growlers (small icebergs) floating in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. The water is golden reflecting the sun.


(n) /'groulər/

small, nimble iceberg. Growlers move quickly and often have a large impact.

Headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Growler Energy is an impactful and nimble renewable energy developer, much like our namesake.

We have a progressive, community-centric approach to renewable energy development. In shaping Tomorrow's Energy landscape, we lead with passion, knowledge, and respect. This is the only way forward. Our work brings a low-carbon future into focus by applying reliable, sustainable, renewable energy solutions to communities and industry.

Our vision is to see the world become 100% renewable.

Growler Energy is an independent power producer through partnerships on renewable energy projects. We also conduct applied research in areas that support our development objectives, including hydrogen and other clean fuels, storage technologies, and industry decarbonization.


While our team is comprised of different backgrounds, experiences and skill sets, Growler Energy has the following common values:

Icon of a tree full of leaves. The leaves and part of the trunk is light blue

Caring for People & the Environment

Connecting with local people and environments is at the core of our work. Respect and caring for both are woven into the fabric of our company.

Icon of a light blue lightbulb

Innovation & Problem Solving

We immerse ourselves in new challenges that change the way the world harnesses and delivers energy. We pride ourselves on seeking out creative and innovative solutions where conventional ideas don't apply.

Icon of a certificate with a light blue checkmark in the bottom right hand corner

Reliability & Transparency

We are reliable and transparent with each other, communities, partners, and stakeholders.

Icon of 3 people huddled together. The person in front is coloured light blue


From the communities we work in to the employees inside our walls, we strive to create a sense of belonging in every aspect of our work. We support a workforce that is inclusive and equitable, and value unique perspectives, ideas, and diversity to create a positive work environment.

Extreme close up of a polar bear swimming next to a boat in open water
Icon of a power plug with leaves growing out of the other end. The leaves are light blue

We have a strong belief in what we envision as Tomorrow’s Energy, and it is that belief that drives us every day.